Free-solution-2016-Easy System-lg ke520 successfull unlock

must be use RJ45
***********KP130,KP210,KP215,KP230,KP 235 pinout *********
keybord up
17 - RX (data to phone)
16 - TX (data from phone)
1,4,14,18 - GND

download latest module from support and use full unlock funtion to unlock, if success, so great, if no don't worry, some times operation successfull but phone not power on complete after unlock like blink or break on lg logo.
then, download any firmware like ver-10g from support and complete flash phone. if alive now phone is ready, if no then try unlock after writing EEPROM file from support, phone must ready.

i use full unlock, operation was successful but phone was still on logo,
then, full flash with firmware ver-10g,

here is log file:
Press power on !
ASIC ID: 00040105 JTAG ID: B619
Platform: OMAP V1030 ...
Baud rate change request ...
Flash ID(0): 00EC:0078
Performing full erase ...
Erasing ... 0x0C0A0000
Writing ... 0x0C0A0000-0x018B96CC
Erasing ... 0x10410000
Writing ... 0x10410000-0x00003484
Erasing ... 0x11F80000
Writing ... 0x11F80000-0x00A39F41
Erasing ... 0x11F00000
Writing ... 0x11F00000-0x0000188C
Erasing ... 0x11E00800
Writing ... 0x11E00800-0x0000000C
Erasing ... 0x11E00000
Writing ... 0x11E00000-0x000001E8
Erasing ... 0x10A80000
Writing ... 0x10A80000-0x000F1F3C
Erasing ... 0x0C010000
Writing ... 0x0C010000-0x00049018
Erasing ... 0x0C000000
Writing ... 0x0C000000-0x00000F40

Execute After Download ... Please Wait !
Resetting ...
Done !
Time needed - 00:12:56

now phone is unlocked and ready
thanks furioes team, great. keep it up

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