eMMC Forensics V1.01 Release
[21 JUNE 2016]

Description :
  • eMMC Forensics V1.01 Released
Release Notes:
  • News :

    Forensically Sound
  • Reading Data Forensically sound .
  • Reading Data Loaders improved .
  • Write / Erase / Wipe options removed from sources .

    This project intended to serve Law enforcement and Forensics Specialists 
    Project progress will grow seperately from eMMC Pro - Device Programmer and versions .
    Forensics features request please contact us at : dfir@emmc-pro.com

    You can now operate with almost all mobile phones with eMMC / eMCP inside !
  • Universal Device Programmer
  • Free eMMC Booster with eMMC Pro Hardware
eMMC PRo - Universal Device Programmer

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