[[===>>ORT_Pro_Edition_New Model_[ Samsung SPH-L720 ] Repair " FULL " Supported<<<===]]

[21 March 2016]

Description : 

  • ORT Plus V2.04 Released
Release Notes:
  • News :
    • STM32F103 CPU Supported
    • STM32F103 NAND Support Added
    • STM32F207 CPU Supported
    • STM32F207 NAND Support Added
    • "016G92" FlashID:0x3136473911010030,SubFlashID:0x6C87101232 309719
    • "MBG4GA"FlashID:0x424734471501004D,SubFlashID:0xE5 B7307441044D09
    • "H8G2D" FlashID:0x3847326490014A48,SubFlashID:0x0A7B201E04 01004B
    • Partition Extract Process improved
You can now operate with following devices with ORT JTAG 2.04 !
  • Digital Cameras
    • Digital Camera with internal NAND
  • GPS devices ( IEEE 1588 )
    • Repair GPS Devices
    • GPS Forensics / Analyze
    • GPS Data Acquisition
  • Tachometer Devices
    • Repair Tachometer Devices
    • Tachometer Forensics
    • Tachometer Data Acquisition
  • Dash Boards
    • Repair Automobile Dash Boards
  • Network Devices
  • Access Controls
  • Alarm Systems
  • Download ORT Plus V2.04 here
  • Advanced EFS Repair
    • ORT Repair files had already included EFS repair for many Samsung Phones for years !!
    • You do not need to download anything for that it is just inside the repair files .
  • Universal JTAG Programmer
    • ORT JTAG has always been Universal JTAG Programmer for the supported CPUs
    • We do not limit you with the model list you can work with any model as long as you have the correct connection
  • Free eMMC Repair Tool with ORT JTAG
ORT Team News and Blog :
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