Android Tablet (CPU A10 - A13)WIPE ROM EASY

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DownLoad : WIPE ROM EASY A10 - A13.rar By azimbahar ..::One-Man::..
Wipe Rom = Wipe Data and Wipe Cache = Factory Reset = Data Lose

Supported - Wipe Rom CPU A10 - A13
Example - Just Flowing The Image .

How To Wipe CPU A10 - A13


OPEN Debug Mode

1.Run WIPE ROM EASY A10 - A13.exe and Press any key to continue...

2.Install Driver A10 - A13 (win xp > win7)

3.Press any key to continue...

4.Wait For Reboot Wipe Rom. End ....

5.After Done Auto Close WIPE ROM EASY A10 - A13.exe

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