New-Hot-Update-Phone-Samsung-Galaxy-S8-phones-could-feature a 4K-AMOLED-screen,-stunning-camera-technology

Some sources for wccfTech, a famous site in recent times will know S8 Samsung Galaxy 4K screen instead of the present 2K, simultaneously using two cameras in the back. It seems that this camera module will be made ​​by the subsidiary Samsung Motors (Semco) production. The switch to 4K screen is probably Samsung's move to further promote virtual reality. However, it also consumes more energy compared to the 2K screen. Maybe Samsung will only enable 4K with the necessary contents Sony Xperia Z5 Premium type or a certain way, use the power-saving components such as Snapdragon 830 (10nm finFETs process) or increase the battery capacity to compensate reply __________________

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