2016 Hot Solution-New-Reset Google ID in Lollipop Handset

How to Reset Google ID in Lollipop Handset (YU5010A & YU5010)

There Is A Solution arrived To reset The Google Id Issue In

Yuphoria (YU510A & YU5010 ) After Flashing lolipop Software

Pls Follow below Step to do the reset,the same i have tested and

its working find..

1. Keep the ADB file in desktop ( The same file is used to solve
the boot mode issues in A109 , A310 , A311 )
2. Press and hold Vol + key and then connect the handset.
3. Handset will enter in to boot mode
4. Once entered, release the Vol + key.
5. Now run below commands in CMD window

cd desktop\adb
Adb devices
Fastboot -1 0x2a96 erase config
Fastboot -1 0x2a96 reboot

6.After executing this command the handset will reboot automatically…
7. Now the handset will not ask for google ID when boot up.

Pls Note that the same procedure can be tried out in all lolipop OS Handset Should Be in Boot Mode.

Note-To make the handset to boot mode "usb debugging" to Be enabled


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