Martech Box III - update V0.1.2.3024
Martech RCD AMS - many new functions for RNS 510 activation 

Today very big update for RNS 510 activation.

The most important new functions are:
- totaly new interface and usage
- new HW/SW full support
- many new functions, options
- vag coding 

Interface: now tool is divided in Normal / Test Mode, you can read all details, change possible data and write it device.
You can save unit configuration to file, restore it later. If function is possible to change then you can click and change value in combo menu.

New HW/SW: tool recognize new units automatically, after Safe to Enter Servis Mode you can use Test mode and its function without any risk of damage.
With this option - all units are supported for now.

New functions in Normal Mode:
- better, faster and easier entering into this mode
- change boot mode (normal, test mode, swl, swl on demand)
- change speed limit - TV Free (new procedure)
- enabling/disabling service mode
- enabling SW downgrade function
- changing DVD region 
- enable / disable Eject button, SD CARD
- checking SD Card present
- changing unit Skin, Startup Logo Type, Startup Variant, Audio type
- turning on/off Radio Module, DAB, SDARS, MPEG
- changing Display Protocol 
- enable / disable of Multifuntion steering wheel, Rear camera, Voice control, CD changer
- change speed limit in map and other details
- turn off security code
- VCDS / VAG coding - fully working even long coding
- turning on/off HDD
- backup User data to SD card
- restore User data from SD card

New or corrected functins in Test Mode:
- turning on/off: Eject button
- navi Pin code Counter Reset
- changing: Variant, Product ID, HW of vehicle and radio
- change / repair: Production Date and other identification data
- testing display, buttons, backlight, colours, illumination
- SWL history edit, read, erase

For sure you will like this update ! It's free for every RNS 510 activation user.

Best Regards!
Martech Team

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