New Update 2016 [TOOL] XperiFirm ~ Xperia Firmware Downloader [v4.9.1]

Since XperiFirm 4.5.3 a file called "fwinfo.xml" will be created by XperiFirm inside the firmware's folder!
This file is used by Flashtool to create an FTF for you automatically.
UPDATE YOUR FLASHTOOL TO (or newer) or else, flashing your firmware will fail with an error!

...Lets you download the current firmware for all Sony/Sony-Ericsson smartphones and tablets running Android, mostly of the Xperia line.


Microsoft Windows:

v4.9.1 [May 04, 2016]:
- NEW: Added support for Accessories (currently, just SmartWatch 3).
- FIX: Solved the lag cause by the image loading of each device.
- FIX: Some additional internal changes had to be made as part of the incremental transition of Sony's firmware database from the old servers to the new one. Many of the "grayed out" firmware will no longer appear on XperiFirm, as they are no longer available on Sony servers.
- MINOR: Added a "Available Releases" label for those who don't get the hint that they have to select a release version.
v4.9.0 [April 20, 2016]:
- NEW: You can now set a default download folder in XperiFirm's
- FIX: Some internal changes had to be made to support changes made by Sony for old devices: They deleted many of the images, thus I remade all of the device icons manually and stored them on XperiFirm's server. Moreover, resources (icons) are no longer preloaded from Sony servers (nothing left to preload there), thus launching XperiFirm is now faster.
- MINOR: Many old firmware are now being grayed out, which means that they are located on the old (no longer maintained) Sony server. Many of these firmware will warn for missing files as well. There's nothing that can be done about that.

v4.8.2 [January 13, 2016]:
- MINOR: Sony has added Xperia M to the new API. The problem is that Xperia M (C19XX) and Xperia M dual (C20XX) have different IDs, for reasons that aren't relevant to newer devices. However, some minor internal changes had to be made to support that specific case. (Version 4.8.1 will still work normally, except for Xperia M which won't get firmware from the new API.)
v4.8.1 [September 29, 2015]:
- FIX: This should solve the occasional "Failed to connect to the server." error appearing randomly when opening XperiFirm.
v4.8.0 [September 26, 2015]:
- ATTENTION: Installation instructions for machines running Linux were updated!
- NEW: Adaptations were made to support another server Sony uses to provide firmware, in order to support new firmware released for several devices (like Xperia Z2, Z3, Z3 Compact, Z3+, Z3v, Z2 Tablet, Z3 Tablet Compact and Z4 Tablet) and support for new devices introduced on this other server exclusively: Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia C5 Ultra and Xperia M5.
Firmware are loaded from both servers whenever it's possible.
To unpack a firmware that was manually downloaded from the new server, see FAQ section above.
Special Thanks: [MENTION=4276670]OtaruM[/MENTION], [MENTION=4688377]russel5[/MENTION] and [MENTION=2807379]Androxyde[/MENTION] who provided information using their devices!
v4.7.4 [August 28, 2015]:
- ATTENTION: XperiFirm now targets .NET Framework 4.0! You MUST delete the "XperiFirm.exe.config" file (or else XperiFirm would crash on launch)!
- NEW: Sony has a few corrupted firmware. Now XperiFirm will prevent you from downloading them.
v4.7.3 [June 22, 2015]:
- FIX: Fixed a minor but highly annoying bug that appeared when selecting a device (it selected another device instead). The device list is now focused on program launch again.
v4.7.2 [June 1, 2015]:
- FIX: Finishing touches: UI on Mono was basically fixed, the text is now presented correctly.
- FIX: Fixed an issue with the new code design related to devices which share the same model (C6916). Note: You might need to set some of your Favorites again.
v4.7.1 [May 31, 2015]:
- MINOR: Annoying visual bug fixed. Re-releasing because couldn't find any other problems.
v4.7.0 [May 31, 2015]:
- NEW: XperiFirm has a new look, made especially to be beautiful on Windows 10.
- NEW: "Favorites" were added! Right-click on a model in the devices tree to add to favorites, and right-click on a model in the favorites tree to remove from favorites! [Requested feature]
- FIX: XperiFirm was internally redesigned to fix some issues and add these features. Please report if anything goes wrong with the new code.
- MINOR: XperiFirm is now more specific if the unpacking fails due to long file paths.


XperiFirm 4.9.1 (by Original Developer: IgorEisberg).zip

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