🐙 Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung v.2.3.8 - FRP/Reactivation Unlock for all! 🐙

Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.2.3.8 is out!
We introduce the new feature - Factory Reset FRP / Reactivation!

Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.2.3.8 Release Notes:

Dear Octopus users,

We are happy to introduce the new feature - Factory Reset FRP / Reactivation.
No more waiting in queues. No more desktop sharing. No more hassle with combination files. All phones are supported! 100% success!

And be advised - this will reset Reactivation Lock as well.

* Note: this feature costs 200 Octopus credits per phone. Process time: mostly instant.

Purchase Octopus Credits from official reseller or from GSM Server store

Download Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.2.3.8
Find out more at: www.octoplusbox.com


BL Series
BL20 BL20CF BL20df BL20GO BL20v BL40 BL40e BL40f BL40g BL42k

CB630 CE110 CE500 CF360 CF360A CG180 CP150 CT100 CT815 CT810 CX600

CU Series
CU320 CU400 CU405 CU500 CU515 CU575 CU720 CU915 C920

GC Series
GC900 GC900e

GD Series
GD310 GD330 GD335 GD350 GD510 GD550 GD570 D580 GD710 GD880 GD888 GD900 GD910

GM Series
GM200 GM205 GM210 GM310 GM360 GM600 GM630 GM360i GM730_GM735 GM750

GT Series
GT400 GT350i GT405 GT540 GT350f GT910s GT365 GT350 GT550 GT810h GT950 GT370 GT360 GT500 GT505 GT500N

GU Series
GU200 GU200a GU200b GU200e GU220 GU230 GU280 GU282 GU285 GU285f GU285g GU290f GU290v GU292GU295 GU295f GU295g GU297 GU297a

GW Series
GW305 GW370 GW370b GW382f GW520 GW525 GW525F GW550 GW550 GW550h GW820 GW825 GW825v

GX Series
GX300 GX500 GX200

KC Series
KC550 KC560 KC780 KC910 KC910E

LGA Series
A100 A100a A110 A225 A130 A133 A133R A133CH A155 A160 A165 A170 A175 A175a A175b A180 A180a A180b A190 A190b A200 A210a A210b A230 A235 A250A255 A258 A270 A270E A271 A275 A290 A310 A310f A340 A341 A350 A353 A390 A395 A447

LGC Series
C100 C105 C193 C195 C195N C199 C205 C300 C305 C310 C320 C320i C330 C330i C333 C360 C365 C370 C375 C395 C397 C440 C550 C555 C570 C660h C660C660R C710h C800 C800G C900 C900b C900k

LGD Series
LGD955 LGD821 LGD820 LGD805 LGD803 LGD802 LGD801 LGD800 LGD686 LGD682 LGD620 LGD605 LGD505 LGD405 LGD325 LGD320 LGD160

LGE Series
E300 E400 LGE400b E400f E400g E405 E405f E430 E431g E435 E445 E450 E451g E460 E455 E500 E510 E510f E510g E610 E610V E612 E612F E612G E615 E615FE617G E720 E720b E730 E730F E739 E900h E900 E906 E960 E970 E971 E973 E975 E976 E977 E980 E986 E987 E988 E989

LGP Series
P350 P350g P350f P355 P500 P500h P503 P504 P505 P505R P505 P506 P509 P520 P525 P610S P690 P690b P690f P692 P693 P698 P698f P700 P705 P710 P712P713 P714 P716 P725 P760 P765 P768 P769 P870P875 P880 P895 P920 P925 P930 P935 P936 P940 P990 P999

LGT Series
T300 T310 T310i T310N T315i T320 T320e T320g T325 T325g T370 T375 T385 T385B T395 T500 T505 T510 T515 T530 T565 T565B T580

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